10 foods which you do not need! Healthy Eating

10 foods which you do not need!

FitWorkshop presents you some delicious but at the same time “dangerous” foods. List of 10 foods which you do not need in your healthy diet!

We begin to build a blacklist with foods and drinks for the spring. You will fall into foods which are terribly tempting at the season an afternoon beer under the flowering trees. Foods, which we consume sometimes or maybe always

Which foods and drinks should be crossed out in your diet?

  • chocolate;
  • ice cream;
  • Chips (pellets, pitas, etc.);
  • popcorn;
  • Shake (ice cream, no matter how powerful the company that sells it);
  • Sweet soft drinks (sugar-containing);
  • Nuts (although scientifically incorrect, we mean here and roasted beans – soybeans, chickpeas and peanuts, and roasted grains – maize);
  • Dried meats (pastarma, sausages, meats Kaiser, dry sausages,);
FitWorkshop presents you some delicious but at the same time "dangerous" foods. List of 10 foods which you do not need in your healthy diet!
  • Snacks (here known as “Zrancho” the name of the company that brought him into our diet);
  • Ketchup (tomato).

Why is it better to go without these food and drinks?

  • Chocolate – up to 60% fat, up to 28% of sucrose, terribly high glycemic index – this can not be added to any diet;
  • Ice cream – up to 30% fat, up to 20% of sucrose, kills bacteria valuable in the intestinal microflora and have a high glycemic index;
  • Chips – The chips is like diesel – up to 35% fat, 60% complex carbohydrates and a minimum of 550 calories into a portion of the 100 g. It is invented by the Indians because they think it is a light meal, and contains so much energy. All that’s required weekly hunting trips in search of prey. Has a relatively high glycemic index – unless you eat 20-30 g, do not switch on the menu. Do you know how much on an eye ’20 chip? I thought so …
  • Popcorn – 30% fat, 60% complex carbohydrates. Good here is that they contain 10% fiber, but rarely fall below 500 kkal/100, they, like the chips are Indian delicacy. Were used for the same. Again, I doubt you know visually how 30g popcorn to stop there, so – avoid them!
  • Shake – 30% sucrose, 10% fat and a high glycemic index, In one milkshake is rarely enough unless 500ml … Let this be known?
  • Sweet soft drinks (containing sugar) – here is clear: to 15% sucrose, high glycemic index and carbon dioxide, killing intestinal microflora, and disruptive tone the stomach muscles.
  • Ketchup – up to 25% pure sucrose, it is invisible calorie bomb that you put on the grill and you say, “I eat low carb!”

What to replace?

  • Chocolate – with a protein bar: gives a feeling of satiety, taste like chocolate dessert and is rich with protein and slow sugars, some companies do not even put in bars sucrose, replacing it with stevia, fructose and polyols (fruit alcohols);
  • Ice cream – with a diabetic low fat ice cream, or if you are on a low carbohydrate diet – Oil protein ice cream with almonds and cocoa;
  • Shake – with a protein shake with a ball diabetic low fat ice cream;
  • Sweet soft drinks (containing sugar) – isotonic drinks give you a huge portion of minerals and refresh you;
  • Nuts – with a protein bite. In Bulgaria, unfortunately, will not find them, so eat raw nuts and possibly portions with a measured quantities;
  • Dried meats – with a low-fat cheeses, fresh meat fillets, braised meat bites. cooked liver with a spices;
  • Snacks – there is no alternative;
  • Dried meat – unknown expiration date and origin of meat up to 30% fat, a lot of preservatives and salt – you do not need all that, no matter what diet you’re on.

  • Snacks – gives a false sense that you’ve eaten, and so whole … 30 minutes. Then portion 2, then 3 and… but do not know that almost 70% carbohydrates and 10% fat. 3 packets and behold – you ate 400 calories, but you’re still hungry. Besides salt makes you buy something to drink, so it is placed on a lot!
  • Ketchup – low carb ketchup sauces for diabetics.

Now what?

I suggest you print out the article and put it to the shopping list or folded in your wallet to stop you from “unreasonable delicious” temptations.