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CrossFIt – History, Development & Criticism

CrossFit is a religion and lifestyle for a lot of people around the world. Read some interesting information about it.

History and development

Greg Glassman, an American ex-gymnast, creates CrossFit as a training system in the 80’s. At the beginning it becomes popular mainly among militaries and Special Forces. In 1995 Greg Glassman starts working as a coach in Santa Cruz Police Department, California where he has the opportunity to apply the training methodology he has developed. During the same year, again in Santa Cruz, the first CrossFit gym is created. In 2001 the website starts, which appears to be a virtual community with wide range of articles, videos and exercises and a discussion forum. Daily on the website is being published WOD (Workout Of The Day) – the people interested can practice it in their CrossFit gyms or on their own at the places they train. The up-growth popularity of CrossFit largely is due to this website. In 2007 The United States Navy starts to apply the CrossFit principals in their trainings.

A large number of fire and police departments, Special Forces in USA and Canada also base their trainings on CrossFit. A wide number of schools and colleges use CrossFit in their trainings too.

What is CrossFit?

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CrossFit suffers from serious criticism mainly because of the Fanaticism of the crossfitters and the fact that they perceive it as a religion. CrossFit athletes form their own community, which somewhat is closed and haughtily evaluates the other types of workouts and their supporters. For an outside viewer there is an absence of periodization, logical planning and structuring the workouts. Crossfit critics note that it is not acceptable to compromise with the technique in order to support a good speed – this is dangerous and could lead to serious traumas (CrossFit allows 20% bad technique). It is also claimed that crossfit can’t lead to hypertrophy and practically all better shaped crossfitters used to practice bodybuilding. Some of the famous CrossFit trainers cease their public relations and claim that Greg Glassman doesn’t accept anybody’s ideas and with his extreme positions and demands damages a lot more than he helps for the development of the CrossFit movement. The knowledge and skills of the trainers are also doubtful – to obtain a certificate for first level you need 1000$ and visit seminar with duration 2 days. The seminars for obtaining the first level finish with an exam, which is not even written, and under the condition that they pass it a certificate is acquired. If the first try didn’t work out you have the opportunity to visit the seminars until you pass the exam – you even get a discount from the price for the following visits. A first level certificate allows you to open a CrossFit gym (after paying the membership dues – 2000$ /year) and to use the Crossfit brand. CrossFit may be even dangerous especially for beginners and un-well trained athletes, exertion beyond the athlete’s strength can cause Rhabdomyolysis, which can be lethal (in cases of great stress or unbearable physical exertion muscle fibers break down and get into the bloodstream, kidneys are no longer able to process and the organism gets intoxicated. The highest risk group are beginners and that’s why the CrossFit workouts must be adjusted carefully according to the athlete’s level. Even though crossfitters make jokes about it, there are t-shirts with text on them which says “I met Pukey” – athlete, who throws up during a workout gets one of them as a present.