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Did you sleep well?

Without normal sleep and rest do not expect anything good from your body

Words everyone knows that sleeping is important. But is it really possible to lie down to sleep when you have so many tasks to do?

For me, the dream has always meant much more than just a holiday. It is my cure for everything – fatigue, stress, worry, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep is not able to make it bearable. But the moment the topic is straight sick.

Logically, the first year of my daughter’s life is wonderful in every way, except enough sleep. In addition to all the cliches you’ve heard of parenting are becoming painfully real, forget the ability to wake itself, just because you sleep.

The most common advice that I get to sleep whenever the baby sleeps. But combine caring for a child with daily work, as well as commitments to home, and you will find that 24 hours in a day are insufficient to have time for rest.

And it is clear that it is critically needed. How to handle a man with such a challenge?

Surely I’m not the only one who has difficulty sleeping. In my case it is scarce, but there are people in whom it is impossible for other reasons (thankfully, insomnia is not a problem for me ever before).

For some people sleep eight hours are sufficient, while others require significantly more or less.

Downside is that the longer deprive your body of sleep, with the bigger problems will get in the near future and chronic neurosis is just one of them. Will surely hurt your libido, not to mention the difficulties with memory and reduced immunity.

Oh, do not forget that exacerbated appetite for sweets, which is the last thing you actually need. You need to sleep, no sugar!
<h3>It comes down mostly to sleep quality (and quantity is important, but it is first quality!).</h3>

And it depends on several things:

  • when we go to bed;
  • temperature in the room;
  • stable blood sugar;
  • well-functioning liver;
  • Adequate levels of antioxidants;
  • when was the last supper and what (see blood sugar) – for different people differently;
  • how much water you drink during the day and how the evening.

There are things that help executed before bedtime:

  • strain;
  • calm breathing (relaxed breathing exercises);
  • meditation;

and supplements:

  • L-carnitine;
  • green tea.

There are things that help after getting:

  • energizing breathing exercises;
  • joint exercises;

and supplements:

  • magnesium;
  • taurine;
  • glycine;
  • inositol.

Also, growth hormone e very important! And precisely because the maximum discharge is between 23:00 and 0:00, the optimal quality of sleep is necessary to go to bed until 23:00.

Therefore, if you want to get some sleep as people are not enough to go to bed. I can think of one more thing: if you happen to have a TV at home, pulled him out of the bedroom. Let there be a place where relaxing indeed.