FAQ's about running Fitness & Sports

FAQ’s about running

Frequently Asked Questions about Running (from people who are wondering whetherand why to run)

Can I lose weight?

Yes. Fat runners will, but if you are starting to run only to lose weight, you will not run as longas you think. You should run because you’re like it. Everyone must find their sport.
If initially seems little silly, you should know that by running start to feel the positive effects (natural appetite, concentration, reduced stress, better sleep, raised tone) at least a month after you started.

Is it running bad for the joints / legs?

No. Statistically one of the safest sports (for amateurs) and is in the least place of injuries, and even if it become a nuisance, medicine here is very advanced. Always remember: far more healthy is to run than to sit at home and watch the TV.

If I make a fat legs with running (question most often asked by women)?

No. Marathon runners are some of the most athletic people (do not confuse with runners that look like hard training athletes) and female growth hormone not generated as men, so if you run long distances, your feet will never become muscular.

Well is it boring?

No. If you have a program and every kilometer has a purpose and its implementation requires attention and concentration, it’s not boring. If you are training for something as long as a marathon or half-marathon, you can run 5-10 hours a week, which leaves you with a lot of “free” time for your consciousness. Take your smartphone with you and try to listen to music, radio, podcasts or audiobooks, so at the time for a workout, you can learn many things and enjoy the whole thing.

Where to run?

Each park around a 1 kilometer happening. Each trunk road with fewer cars also is OK.