How to choose my running shoes? Fitness & Sports

How to choose my running shoes by myself?

This is a pure science and a huge part of it’s a marketing, so at first there is no sense to spend a lot of time to read and make researches.

You need to buy some running shoes for you, and when you got some experience, the right shoes will find you by themselfs.

However, here are a few tips for buying the best running shoes for you:

  • Running shoes have a curved sole (like a boat) which helps your foot to make smoother moves Do not go to run with sneakers Converse, shoes, hall, tennis shoes, football shoes. general shoes with flat soles.
  • If you are heavier, take your shoes with more softening (cushioning) scale, so you will not be overloaded your legs, ankles and joints.
  • If you are a lady, you should know that the most manufacturers have a special line for a sport’s women in most medium and high-end models, made special for the female physique (shorter stride, lower weight). We recognize them by the color like pink, flowers, or contain W in the model.
  • If you like to run into a cambered park or mountain, buy your shoes for a mountain running, because in theory they will last longer. They can be used for trekking. To me personally it is much easier to get a high peak of mountain running shoes than in hiking boots.
  • Go through multiple virtual test manufacturers such as Mizuno Precision Fit, Brooks Shoe Advisor, Asics Shoe Finder, which roughly will guide you on important parameters when choosing a shoe: your weight, the geometry of the legs and feet, terrain, how your step and will direct you to the models.
  • You can find on the Internet a full range of running shoes imported Mizuno (SLS LifeStyle), Salomon focus on mountain running, Nike and Adidas brings current models, but mainly for the asphalt. Stores Asics failed.
  • If you are a beginner, do not jump on the latest fashion trend (ie. Barefoot running), according to which the shoes are made ​​so that you feel like you’re running barefoot. Running barefoot are slower, often with more injuries and require special attitude and fitness levels, to take this path.