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Yoga beyond the mat

Yoga doesn’t start with…

…head standing or wearing a specific color or article of clothing, symbolizing yoga tradition. Yoga starts when you integrate it in your every-day life and start to understand yourself and your connection to the world. Yoga is a way to master the negative aspects of our personality and develop the positive qualities, which will change not only us but the atmosphere around us. When we radiate only positive emotions we affect others with that positive impact.

That’s what Yoga is.

We are going to look at some of the ways we can take yoga with us outside the classes.


When you study the techniques of breathing to help you during complex yoga poses, take that knowledge with you outside. When you find yourself in a stressful situation instead of trying to avoid it, take a deep breath, smile and let the effect of the relief by breathing help you get through that situation.


Yoga teaches us to respect our body and learn to accept and love what we are at this moment. Why not take a little peace of that compassion with us in our daily life? Try to learn not to judge others and yourself. Learn to accept others the way they are and try to understand and respect the differences. If we were all the same the world would have been a really boring place to live in.


If you practice Yoga it’s quite certain that you have already started to feel the difference and the stronger Yoga made you. You may have even taken some risks on the mat and have tired different and more challenging poses. Have fun and don’t be afraid to take risks once at a time in your everyday life too.

Be concentrated

If you think it’s hard to stay focused while doing Yoga, you probably know how harder this is in the real world. There are just too many things that distract us. You should just try a simple exercise. When you talk to someone (your partner, child, friend) try staying absolutely focused on that person and on the conversation you are having. Forget the things you have to do later or the stressful meeting you just got out of and pay your whole attention to the person. Be a good listener and see how good it feels to be entirely at the moment of speaking and how the other person reacts to that.
So let’s enjoy the wonderful journey to ourselves and our spiritual growth both at Yoga classes and outside them.